Building Trust @ Work

Foster The Culture Your Marketing Posters Say You Already Have

What is trust and why would it be important to an organization? Trust is at the core of all of our most meaningful personal relationships. That’s just how we engage with each other as human beings. It’s no different when human beings engage with each other in business. It’s not mandatory that we trust our leaders or our team members, but when we do, everything gets easier and we progress faster. We are also happier. It turns out that when we don’t feel like most of our colleagues are out to get us, we sleep better at night, engage more deeply at work and we free up more of our energy to focus on doing our best work.

In this book, I’ll share with you my unique perspective on trust@work. What is it? Why do you want it? How do you foster it? How do you know when you’ve got it? How do you keep it? I’ll explore some of my favourite companies that model high trust cultures and of course we’ll share a few laughs.

To be released fall 2021


Unleash Your Inner Artist @ Work

Creativity From Your Corporate Cubicle

When we think of artists we automatically start thinking about our favourite painters, songwriters, poets and musicians.

For me, I also think of some of the brilliant professionals I’ve worked with in Corporations over the years. These are the creative thinkers who relentlessly pursue innovative solutions to obstacles that seem unsolvable. Passionate folks who refuse to create a good product or service when they can tirelessly drive for something better to “wow” their clients. Individuals who are naturally motivated to add value to their clients and their organization on a daily basis and don’t limit themselves to just what’s on their balanced scorecard.

I am grateful to have worked with many of these gifted corporate artists throughout my career. Each and every time they have inspired me to up my game to push harder and enthusiastically explore what’s possible.

As our world continues to get more complex, global and automated, the most valuable asset an organization can have are these talented, passionate, committed, adaptable and inspiring corporate artists.

In this book I celebrate these invaluable professionals and provide strategies on how you can embrace your inner artist@work. What attributes define an artist@work? Why are they invaluable to an organization’s success? How do you nurture your inner artist@work? I’ll answer these questions and share examples of successful artists@work shaping our world today.

I can’t wait to share this book with you.

Coming in 2022

Fall in Love @ Work

Love What You Do, The Folks You Do It With & The People You Do It For

Let me start by clarifying this is not the latest dating app but it is about people falling in love with what they do, why they do it, the colleagues they do it with and the clients they do it for.

Do you wake up on a Monday morning the first time the alarm goes off pumped to start a new work week?  There are people who do. Who are these delusional people?

They are not delusional. They’re in love. Not the kind of love that gets you a meeting with HR because you’ve contravened the Code of Conduct. I’m talking about warm-hearted, brotherly and sisterly love that we have for each other. Love that makes us want to pull our weight on our teams because it would be unkind to overburden team mates. Love that urges us to help out a teammate who is over capacity with the comfort of knowing they would do the same for us without hesitation. Loving our work because we know we are making a positive impact on the world whether we are working at our local food bank or manufacturing car parts. We have trust in our leaders who consistently demonstrate their commitment to making the best decisions for the organization, its staff, our clients and the communities we serve. We have a great deal of pride in where we work and what we do.

They say that food that’s made with love tastes better. I look forward to exploring in this book how the same concept is true for products and services created and delivered with love.

Coming in 2022