The Mortgage Coach

Meaghan Hastings was at the top of her game as a mortgage broker for years, but something was always missing for her. She wanted a more empowering, learning environment that would provide her with more opportunities to learn from others and “up her game” while also coaching the more junior brokers on the team. Meaghan was very clear on what she was looking for and found organizations that came close but weren’t the right match. At some point during her search, it occurred to her that she could create the organization she was seeking. Three years later, Meaghan is the well-respected CEO of The Mortgage Coach and an employer of choice in her industry.

Here are three reasons why we think The Mortgage Coach is a high trust organization.

Trust Reason #1

The Mortgage Coach only hires folks who would fit in and grow their positive culture. Sales performance is secondary. They don’t subscribe to the philosophy of hiring salespeople with a track record of making big sales numbers while looking the other way when it comes to their occasionally disruptive behavior. At The Mortgage Coach, character is everything. High trust staff do what’s right for clients, co-workers and partners. When you have the right people on the team, many of the headaches of managing people go away.

Trust Reason #2

The organization is keenly focused on creating an environment where their agents can grow and thrive. It’s not surprising they are known as one of the best workplaces in the industry. It seems like a basic expectation that an organization would want to create an environment for staff to do their best work resulting in strong business outcomes.  This basic expectation often gets entangled in the competing priorities of an organization and can get lost in the mix. There’s a reason Peter Drucker, management thought leader, stated that “so much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work “

Trust Reason #3

The organization has a collaborative and supportive environment. That’s not always the case when the majority of your employees are driven, competitive sales people. But, as noted in Reason #1, they hire the right people for their culture. These are individuals who understand there’s enough business for everyone on the team and embrace the idea that the best way to be successful is to help others, their team members, be successful as well.

The Mortgage Coach is one of our trusted organizations.

By Dionne England – Published Author

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